What Do People Do with Wedding Rings After Divorce

Find new ways to use wedding rings.

Newly single and wondering what do people do with wedding rings after divorce? When the tears have dried up and the healing began, both men and women of divorce often try to find new uses for a once precious symbol of commitment.

Sensitive Subject

Most couples spare barely a thought for their wedding rings during painful divorce proceedings, but the first look at a naked finger after the fact is often heartbreaking. Despite negative emotions, people yearn to give new meaning to their wedding rings instead of simply throwing them away. In most cases, wedding rings retain at least some degree of sentimentality no matter what, but the trick is letting it go in a satisfactory way while achieving closure and forging ahead with a new life.

What Do People Do with Wedding Rings After Divorce?

If you want to do something meaningful with your rings but can't think of a good idea, take a look at what other people did after divorcing. The sections below offer new singles several options for repurposing their wedding rings.

Go Old School

Since the divorce rate's acceleration in recent years, people have found new ways to reuse their rings but many prefer more traditional tried-and-true methods. This section lists some of the most conventional ways people find new uses for wedding bands and engagement rings.

  • Acceptable Tradition: According to Amy Vanderbilt's 1952 etiquette book, proper wedding and engagement ring etiquette after divorce dictates specific repurposing. Take the ring to a jeweler and have it redesigned, then wear the final product on your pinkie finger to show potential suitors your availability.
  • For the Children: The 20th century brought divorce into the public eye as never before. While some women were asking themselves, "What do people do with wedding rings after divorce?" many others placed them safely into the jewelry box to save as keepsakes for their daughters or sons.
  • Magnanimous Intent: If you wish to close the book on your marriage in a noble manner, consider offering to return the ring to your ex-spouse.

Trade Memories for Cash

The byproducts of divorce reach all the way to the bank account. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet in the aftermath, selling your wedding ring is a viable consideration. Get an appraisal to determine the ring's value and then put one of the options below to good use.

  • Newspaper Ads: Place an ad in the newspaper offering to sell your ring at a good price. Chances are some love-struck couple with limited cash flow will snatch it up and inject it with a needed dose of sweet romance. If you have a complete wedding set, it will likely sell even faster.
  • Online Auction: Thanks to sites like eBay, eBid and uBid, users can set up an auction to sell wedding sets or individual rings. You define the conditions and wait to reap the rewards.
  • Internet Classifieds: Free classifieds like Craigslist, eBay's Kijiji and Oodle provide additional options for selling off wedding rings. Be sure and check the credentials of any interested parties.

Creative Solutions

If you like to walk a less-beaten path, check out the ideas in this section for divine inspiration. You'll get to keep your ring and hopefully create better and happier memories at the same time.

  • Redesigning: Instead of turning your wedding ring into a typical necklace or pendant, consider something a little different like an anklet or a barrette.
  • Lay it to Rest: If you're of a particularly wicked mindset, you might want to order a Wedding Ring Coffin to display on your mantle. It's a fun and harmless way to take control and move forward.
  • Float It: If you really want nothing to do with your wedding ring, a little creative symbolism may go a long way toward healing. Consider tying your ring to a helium balloon or floating it down the river on a toy boat. Instead of wondering what do people do with wedding rings after divorce, you'll be wondering where your ring ended up.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you feel right now, give some thought to the matter before you take action. Most of the time, hurts heal and tempers cool, but remorse over your own actions is usually a tough pill to swallow.

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What Do People Do with Wedding Rings After Divorce