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Article Highlight: Divorce Rate by Profession From Highest to Lowest

The complexity of society is reflected in current divorce statistics thanks to expansion in various social norms like the increase in single women, more women in the workforce, and an up and down economy at best.… Keep reading »

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LoveToKnow Divorce has a selection of divorce slideshows to give you the facts about property division in a medium that is easy to understand.

Divorce Slideshows Give Visual Information

Discover how marital property is divided when a couple splits up. Does one person really "get everything" in a divorce? LTK's division of marital property slideshow explains how this part of the process works when a couple legally ends a marriage.

In most parts of the United States, the legal concept of equitable division applies. LTK's slideshow on the subject gives you the information you need to understand it. There are situations when what is fair ("equitable") doesn't add up to a straight 50/50 split.

Community property is a hot topic among people who are in the midst of a divorce or who are considering it. If you live in one of the states that has adopted this method of dividing marital property, LTK's divorce slideshow on community property with right of survivorship is a great place to start to learn about this policy that will have a major impact on your future.

Another topic that LTK Divorce has explored in an informative slideshow is divorce statistics by occupation. Some people, because of the work they choose to do, are more likely to become divorced. Check it out to see if you or someone you know are at risk. You may want to keep this in mind before choosing or changing careers.

Anyone who is divorcing or considering this major life event should consult with a licensed attorney in his or her area. Hopefully, these visual topics give you the basics when facing divorce and common areas of concern.

Divorce Slideshows