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Divorce is a relatively straightforward process in Utah, which helps make what is ordinarily an emotional, turbulent time, more approachable for couples who decide to end their marriages. The spouse filing for… Keep reading »

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Divorce by State

Whether you live in Arizona, California, Florida, or Texas, it's important to understand divorce by state to see how your state's laws will affect the outcome of your divorce. In the United States, it's not uncommon for each state to have difficult rules regarding child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of martial assets or debts. In addition, some states require applicants to file slightly different divorce forms to begin the process of ending a marriage.

Understanding Differences in Divorce by State

LoveToKnow Divorce's team of experienced writers and editors has prepared a brief overview of each state's divorce rules and regulations. In a number of comprehensive divorce articles, you'll learn:

  • Residency requirements for filing for divorce in your state
  • Acceptable grounds for divorce
  • What paperwork is necessary to file for divorce
  • Requirements for an uncontested divorce
  • Policies for child custody
  • Formulas used to determine child support payments
  • Alimony requirements
  • Procedures for division of assets, debts, and/or marital property

These articles will also help to dispel common divorce myths. For example, it's entirely untrue that a mother will automatically be awarded custody of children. In most states, the court decides custody by looking at who was the primary caregiver during the marriage and who is now best suited to look of the interests of the children. Factors such as who scheduled doctors' appointments and who attended school meetings are often considered, as well as the preferences of older children.

Getting Started

While the advice given by LoveToKnow Divorce is not intended to substitute for the assistance of a qualified divorce attorney, these articles can help you make more informed decisions about the end of your marriage.

Divorce by State