Children’s Books Dealing with Separation and Divorce

Reading a Book

Divorce affects all members of a family, and children's books dealing with separation and divorce are a wonderful resource. By reading books on this subject, children get much-needed information and realize they are not alone. Reading a book is a great way to get a discussion started on a difficult topic as well.

Sources of Information

When a couple separates, they must deal with a number of issues. They may not be familiar with the legal system and all the steps involved in formally ending a marriage. Young children, too, are not familiar with such terms as divorce, court, custody, and access. One way to give youngsters the information they need is to provide them with children's books dealing with separation and divorce. Very young children can be read to and older ones can read independently.

They Are Not Alone

When parents divorce, children go through a variety of feelings. They feel:

  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Afraid
  • Guilty
  • Confused
  • Relieved

Reading children's books dealing with separation and divorce is helpful. In reading stories about divorce, children understand that their feelings may be intense but are normal. They are not alone, and in time, they will likely have a different perspective on their family situation.

Start a Discussion

Children find it difficult to bring up the subject of the divorce on their own. Parents can use the story characters' experiences in with separation and divorce as a starting point for a discussion with their own children. A child may not share his or her feelings about the separation directly but may be willing to talk about how the character in the story dealt with a similar situation.

Children's Books Dealing With Separation and Divorce Suggestions

The following books may be helpful to children whose parents are in the midst of a divorce:

Picture Books

  • In Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie, Charlie the cat spends his time between two homes, just like his friends Elizabeth and Sara. Like his young friends, he has a bed in each of his two houses.
  • Homes by Claire Masurel is meant for very young children. The message it conveys is there can be warmth and love during a time of family upheaval.

Fiction For Young Readers

  • In It's Not the End of the World by Judy Blume, the main character, Karen, tries to get her parents to reconcile. Readers find out whether keeping the family together is really the best solution.
  • Divorce Express by Paula Danzinger deals with the problems faced by children whose parents are divorced. Phoebe, who is 14 years old, lives with her father through the week and her mother on weekends.


  • In Talk About It: Divorce by Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers looks at how divorce affects three families. The reader will understand that his or her feelings are acceptable when going through a major change like divorce.

These are only a few examples of the children's books on separation and divorce that are available. This type of material aids children whose parents are going through a divorce. Visit your local library, bookstore, or online retailer to find these and other titles.

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Children’s Books Dealing with Separation and Divorce