Divorce Group Activities

Jodee Redmond
Consider joining a divorce group for support during this difficult time.

Divorce group activities can help those who have recently ended a marriage or long-term relationship start to get their lives back on track. Spending time with other people in a similar situation is often recommended as part of the healing process.

Divorce Group Activities for Adults and Children

Divorce group activities are available for women, men, and children affected by divorce.

Divorce Groups for Women

Going through a divorce can negatively affect a woman's self-esteem. Whether she was the one to leave the marriage or her spouse chose to leave, she still feels guilty and responsible for the breakdown of the relationship. If she has children, much of her time and energy is devoted to trying to be strong for them. Attending a divorce group for women gives her the chance to share her feelings with other women who understand where she is coming from. It's a place to learn about how other group members have dealt with legal, financial, housing, and dating issues. Together, the participants re-build their sense of self-worth.

Divorce Groups for Men

Men also have a difficult time when going through a divorce. They may find it difficult to express the feelings that the experience evokes in them. Some men find that they feel embittered when the financial or custody issues are decided by a judge. The relationship they have with their children will also change because of divorce. They want to learn strategies to help them deal with the hurt and loneliness that accompanies divorce. Part of moving on with one's life is learning how to forgive. A number of people have trouble with this part of the process. They don't realize that forgiving one's former spouse doesn't mean that the pain surrounding the end of the relationship doesn't matter or what that person did was OK. It means that the person doing the forgiving is no longer going to be holding onto that hurt.

Divorce Groups for Children

Adults aren't the only ones affected by divorce; children also have questions and concerns about their parents' breakup. By participating in divorce group activities, kids have the opportunity to learn about divorce and to interact with other youngsters in a similar situation. The participants may watch a video tape about children and divorce, write about their thoughts in a journal, or draw a picture of something that expresses their feelings. A group leader may read a story aloud about a divorce-related situation.

Children also heal through the social aspects of a divorce group. They can learn teamwork and trust through playing games. If the game is a physically demanding one, the exercise will help to relieve stress. Singing is an enjoyable group activity that will help them to focus on something other than the divorce for a short time.

No matter what the situation is like in their home, they are still children. Attending divorce group activities allows them to have some fun with other young people that understand their situation.

The Benefit of Group Support

When someone is in pain, his/her first instinct may be to withdraw from other people. Divorce group activities are designed to help those going through this major change understand that they are not alone. Hopefully, the company and support of other people will help the healing process along and prepare the participants for the next stage in their lives.

Divorce Group Activities