Divorce and Women Support Groups

Group of Women

Divorce and women support groups can go hand in hand to make the transition from married woman to divorced woman a little easier.

Avoiding Loneliness

One of the hardest things to deal with for women divorcing is the loneliness that can accompany the process. Not only do women have to learn to deal with the end of their marriage, but they may also lose some friendships along the way from people who do not agree with the decision to divorce or are just too uncomfortable with the situation.

Finding a group of women who are going through divorce, or who have gone through it in the past, can be a great comfort to those women who do not have anyone else to talk to. Some women going through divorce also prefer to speak to other people who are not intimately involved with the situation. Friends and family can be a great support, but may not be able to look at the situation objectively and offer impartial advice.

It can be extremely difficult to deal with a divorce, and women support groups can certainly ease some of the loneliness that may result from this trying time.

More About Divorce and Women Support Groups

What can you expect when attending a divorce support group for women? You will probably meet an interesting mix of women. Unless the group is specifically geared toward a certain stage of divorce, there is a good chance that the women in attendance will be involved in various stages of divorce. Some of the women may be in the beginning stages of divorce while other women will be years past the divorce finalization yet will still feel compelled to talk about it.

You can expect a facilitator to lead the group, whether that person is a fellow divorcee who pulled the group together or a mental health provider who offers the support group as a professional service. The facilitator may suggest topics to discuss or may simply allow the conversations to flow according to what the participants want to say. It is the facilitator's job to make sure the conversation does not flounder and is beneficial to everyone in attendance.

There is a good chance that the group will have an understanding, either stated verbally or agreed to in writing by all participants, that everything discussed within the support group will remain confidential.

Find a Support Group

Women who are actively involved in a counseling relationship with a licensed mental health provider can find out about local divorce support groups through their therapists.

Finding a support group on your own is not difficult, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. Gathering places that host support groups, such as community colleges and large book stores, often post notices about available support groups. You can also search online for groups using websites like MeetUp or Divorce Care. These websites list all the particulars about local groups including location, time, and if the group is accepting new members.

Online Support Groups

Women who do not want to join a support group in person, or who have prohibitive schedules, can seek out support groups online in forum settings or with online chat groups. Here is a list of some of the online resources for virtual support groups for women involved in divorce:

There are many other online support groups available. Check out a few of the available websites to find one that suits you the best.

Helpful Support

A support group can give divorced women the chance to talk about their feelings with other women who are going through the same daunting experience of ending a marriage and starting a new chapter in life.

Even if you have never participated in a support group before, you may find that a support group can help you through a potentially difficult time.

Divorce and Women Support Groups