Documents for a Do it Yourself Divorce

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You May be Able to Prepare Divorce Papers Yourself

Do it yourself divorce documents work best in an uncontested divorce, especially if there are no children or real estate involved.

Simple Divorces

Most people involved in a divorce will wholeheartedly agree that while some some divorces are less complicated than others, there is really no such thing as a "simple" divorce. Not only are there the emotional aspects of a divorce, but legal requirements must be taken into consideration as well. A married couple cannot simply walk away from each other and declare themselves divorced, but there are ways to make the process simpler.

A married couple wanting to divorce can do most of the work themselves in lieu of relying on attorneys to tackle multiple rounds of negotiations. This can save time and money, but the couple must already be in agreement about the terms of the divorce in order to make this method work effectively. It is also easier to rely on do it yourself documents if there are not substantial assets or a disagreement regarding the division of property.

It is not advisable for one spouse to attempt to rely on do it yourself divorce documents while the other spouse obtains the services of an experienced divorce attorney.

Obtaining Do it Yourself Divorce Documents

Before obtaining documents to initiate an uncontested divorce, refer to the divorce laws of your state. Every state has different divorce laws, so not all do it yourself documents are suitable for every state.

Using documents of this type does not indicate a total lack of legal assistance throughout the divorce. Ending a marriage is a legal action and should involve some assistance from a legal professional at some point. These documents lessen the involvement of an attorney but do not replace it entirely.

Buy specific documents or full kits that will guide you through divorce through one of the many resources online or directly from a local attorney. Here is a brief list of some of the resources available online:

  • Divorce Law Info: This website offers state-specific divorce forms. Customers can purchase individual forms or full divorce kits. The documents available on this website are for uncontested, no-fault divorces.
  • My Divorce Documents: The forms offered through this website are designed to assist people in filing for divorce, requesting child support or alimony, and filing a restraining order if necessary. Guides written by divorce attorneys are also available through this website to assist people in navigating through the divorce process. Forms are available for divorces with and without children.
  • Complete Case: This is a good option for people who want to use do it yourself documents while also receiving some interactive assistance from divorce professionals. The website offers state-specific documents as well as documents appropriate for active duty military members.
  • US Legal Forms: Divorce documents available on this website are designed for uncontested, no-fault divorces. State specific documents are available for every state for both divorce and separation.

Many more websites offering these forms are available. Choose a reputable company and make sure the forms you obtain are specific to your state; general forms that are purported to be appropriate for any divorce in any state may prove to be useless for your situation.

Document Assistance

Do it yourself documents to assist you in a divorce will guide you along the process of actually filing for divorce in your state. Choose a document provider that will offer assistance beyond the documents themselves. You should be able to ask questions about filling out the documents, or at the very least, receive a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the completion of the documents step by step.

It may be a good idea to have a divorce attorney review the documentation before you file. This will ensure that everything is filled out properly and there will be no delays in the processing of the paperwork.

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Documents for a Do it Yourself Divorce