Financial Help for Divorced Women

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If you're overwhelmed by the amount of bills you have, financial help for divorced women is for you. Organizing, paying bills and finding financial assistance is important when trying to adjust to a new standard of living after divorce.

Financial Help for Divorced Women

Forty percent of divorced women must live under different standards. While alimony, if awarded, may pay for the things they had grown accustomed to, it doesn't support all luxuries and it may not be enough to cover all the bills.

For some divorced women, who have never paid bills before, they don't know where to start when it comes to organizing and making the payments. In this type of situation, women need some bill paying tips such as a divorce finances spreadsheet to get on the right track.

Bill Paying Tips for Divorced Women

  1. Gather all bills you have for the month.
  2. Separate them into due dates depending on how often you are paid. For example, if you get paid twice a month, divide the bills into two piles (ones to be paid in the beginning of the month and at the end).
  3. Make a budget by taking your income and deducting how much you need to put toward your bills. This will help you pay off credit cards because you make paying your bills priority and then use the rest for other things you want.
  4. Write checks for the bills and place them into the bill envelopes all ready to go for the month. If you use bill pay through your bank, you can set up payment ahead of time.
  5. When you are paid, take the piles of envelopes for the first half the month, mail them, and then do the same for your second paycheck.

If you need help with writing checks, you can look online for detailed instructions.

If you would like to use online bill pay, contact your bank to ask if they offer the service and if they do, the representative should be able to walk you through the process.

Many companies also take payment over the phone or on their website; you can find this information on your bill or by calling the company's payment center.

Financial Assistance for Divorced Women

If you find that your alimony check is not enough to cover your bills or other expenses that you had before the divorce, you may want to try to appeal the decision through the Courts. Each state handles this differently and not all cases will allow you to appeal. Check with your divorce attorney or Court for specific information about your alimony decision.

You can also check with social services for financial assistance on electric bills during the winter or summer months. You must be in financial need and will need to provide proof you are unable to pay for your heating and cooling.

If you have a lot of debt with interest rates, debt consolidation may help you. A financial counselor can consolidate your debt with a low interest rate, which will help you pay it off quicker.

What to Avoid When it Comes to Finances

As a divorced woman, who isn't accustomed to living this new lifestyle, you may spend more than you earn. You may also find that retail therapy helps you cope with the divorce. Making a large purchase is common among women because they believe it will make them feel better. While this may be your way to handle your emotions, it's also a quick way to accumulate debt and cause financial problems. Avoiding going overboard with purchases will ensure you don't have to deal with financial trouble later. Long after the effects of the divorce have waned, you'll feel the financial effects of your splurging, which will remind you of and may even bring back the pain. Do yourself a favor and find a better way to cope with the devastation of divorce that won't put you in financial ruins by seeking financial help for divorced women.

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Financial Help for Divorced Women