Free Divorce Recovery Help


Free divorce recovery help can come in many different forms. While some people need help getting their finances in order or revising the terms of the divorce agreement, others simply need someone to talk to about their feelings surrounding this big life change.

Recovering from Divorce

For most people, divorce can be a stressful process that has a huge effect on their lives. This is especially true for people who have to completely change their lifestyles as a result of divorce, such as women who were stay at home moms for many years but have to suddenly reenter the workforce as a result of the ending of the marriage.

Luckily there are resources available to assist people in recovering from divorce, and many of these resources are available free of charge.

Finances After Divorce

Recovering from a divorce oftentimes involves learning how to handle finances without a spouse. For some people this is a seamless process, but for others -particularly those who allowed the other spouse to handle all the financial concerns for years- this can be a difficult process.Look to free resources when trying to get your finances under control after divorce:

  • Your bank or credit union may have personal finance advisers on staff who can be utilized free of charge. They will help you to create a budget and figure out your long term financial goals.
  • Some professional financial advisers offer services on a pro bono basis, especially when they are associated with a professional organization that encourages volunteer work.
  • Community assistance organizations may have financial advisers on staff who can help people with simple budgeting and other personal financial topics.

Not having control of your finances after divorce can cause quite a bit of stress. Making an effort to seek out free help to recover your money situation may make everything much easier to deal with.

Legal Help

Finding free divorce recovery help for legal issues is similar to finding free help from financial professionals. Look to legal professionals who are willing to provide assistance pro bono, preferably those specializing in divorce cases.

Many legal professionals are encouraged or required to provide some volunteer hours by their employer or professional affiliate organizations. For this reason, it is not unreasonable to assume that you may be able to find a divorce attorney who will be willing to offer at least a couple of hours of expertise when you are trying to recover from your divorce.

Emotional Support

Not everyone experiences financial or legal difficulties as a result of divorce, but emotional turmoil is a common reaction to the ending of a marriage. For many people, recovering from divorce involves resolving feelings associated with the process before and after the divorce.Many people turn to friends and family when they need to talk to someone, but sometimes this is not the best solution. Some people have difficulty revealing their true feelings to people who they know, just like some friends and family may have trouble remaining impartial and giving unbiased advice. In some instances, it is a good idea to find an impartial third party to talk to and to seek counsel from.

Not all health insurance policies fully cover the cost of mental health counseling, especially if there is no clear diagnosis involved. If you cannot afford to obtain counseling, consider seeking out free sources of help. Pastors can be a great source of free counseling, but if you prefer to avoid any discussion of religion or spirituality this option may not be suitable. Look for local divorce support groups; these groups can provide a great deal of help and camaraderie, which may help you recover from your divorce faster than if you have no one to talk to about your feelings. You may also consider online divorce support groups if you either don't want to or can't find a local group.

Search for Free Divorce Recovery Help

Your community may have a wide variety of free resources available to you that you may not even realize exist. Make an effort to find out what resources are actually available to you and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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Free Divorce Recovery Help