Nevada Child Support

Nevada Child Support

The state of Nevada outlines their child support guidelines in accordance with federal child support laws. You can find the guidelines in the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 125-B. Enforcement is handled through the Family Support Division of each county's district attorney's office. The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Welfare and Supportive Services oversees the entire process, but the district attorney's office for your county will carry out all child support functions.

Initiating a Child Support Claim

Parents or legal guardians may seek child support for children in their custody. To initiate a child support claim:

  • Complete the Application for Services and submit it to your local district attorney's office.
  • Hire an attorney.
  • Initiate a child support claim as part of a divorce proceeding.

Calculating Support

Support calculations depend on whether one parent has primary custody or if there is joint custody.

Primary Physical Custody

Support is calculated based on the non-custodial parent's gross monthly income (GMI).The basic support amount is:

  • 18 percent of GMI for one child
  • 25 percent of GMI for two children
  • 29 percent of GMI for three children
  • 31 percent of GMI for four children
  • An additional 2 percent of GMI for each child after four children

Joint Custody

In joint custody cases, the district attorney will calculate each parent's obligation if there was primary physical custody, and then calculate the difference between the two. The higher income parent will pay the difference to the lower income parent.


Nevada also has caps on child support amounts based on the non-custodial parent's income. These caps change annually.


The state may allow deviations from standard support amounts in certain circumstances:

  • Joint physical custody or extraordinary visitation
  • Extraordinary expenses such as transportation, education, child care, or health care
  • Substantial injustice to payer, payee, or child
  • An agreement of both parties

Deviations will not be allowed for willful unemployment or underemployment of the obligor parent.

Medical Support

Child support orders will also make provisions for medical support. Medical insurance must be provided by either or both parents if the cost of such insurance does not exceed five percent of a parent's gross monthly income.


Either parent can request a modification review. Reviews will be conducted every three years on request of either party, and the state will notify parents about their right to review.


Nevada allows parents to make child support payments directly to the other parent. When a non-custodial parent fails to make these payments, the custodial parent can seek support enforcement services through their local district attorney's office. Typically when this occurs, the non-custodial parent must make payments via a payroll deduction. The custodial parent can then receive payment either via direct deposit or on a Nevada Debit Card.

For More Information

Contact your local district attorney's office if you have questions about child support. You may also find helpful information in the Clark County C.A.R.E. Handbook.

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Nevada Child Support