Texas Child Support Calculator

Audrey M. Jones
Child Support

A child support calculator can provide you with an estimate of how much child support you will receive or pay after divorcing in Texas. These calculators are not exact and cannot be presented to the court.

Texas Child Support Laws

It is possible to use an online calculator to determine child support payments in Texas because of the state's child support payment laws. The state has established specific amounts of net income that must be paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent for child support. According to TXAccess.org, these amounts are:

  • 20 % for one child
  • 25 % for two children
  • 30 % for three children
  • 35 % for four children
  • 40 % for five children
  • No less than 40 % for six children

Note, however, that these percentages only apply if the custodial parent's net income is less than $6,000 per month. When the custodial parent's income exceeds this amount, the amount of payment is at the court's discretion.

Texas Child Support

Use the following calculator to figure out an estimate of your child support payment.

Obtaining Legal Advice

If you are uncertain how much child support you may receive, or are worried that you may not receive enough child support each month, consider seeking legal advice. An attorney will discuss the facts of your marriage with you and help you make your request for support.

Texas Child Support Calculator