Rights of Divorced Parents Sharing Custody of Child

Avoid custody battles

To make life easier for everyone in the family, learn about the rights of divorced parents sharing custody of a child before your divorce is final. Knowing the answers to possible custody problems ahead of time may prevent them from occurring at all.

Parental Rights When Sharing Custody

Typically, any form of shared custody means that both parents provide a loving home and make life decisions for their minor child. Sharing custody is usually beneficial for children because it promotes security and a healthy relationship with each parent. If you're sharing custody with your ex-spouse, it's a good idea to become familiar with your rights in case a problem occurs.

Depending upon your state, some courts view joint and shared custody as the same type, but in most places, they are distinct and apart from one another with very different criteria. Learn every aspect of the different types of custody in your state, including the associated rights, to ensure you and your spouse receive a custody award that works for your children.

Rights in Joint Custody

Both parents have an equal legal right to make all decisions related to their child. This includes health care, education, religion, living arrangements, discipline and privileges. For this custody type to function properly, the divorcing parents should have a good working relationship in which they both understand their parental rights.

Rights in Shared Custody

Both parents have the right to provide a safe and loving home for the child for 50% of the time. This means that neither parent has the right to move a great distance away and both parents have the right to receive advance notice about any change of residence. Like joint custody, a successful shared custody experience requires a lot of cooperation and works best in a good parental relationship.

Be Flexible

For the well-being of your child, try to be open and flexible when it comes to custody arrangements. Paying careful attention to the rights of divorced parents sharing custody of a child means you and your children will benefit from your final decision.

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Rights of Divorced Parents Sharing Custody of Child